Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Vent

On Sunday, our air conditioning went out. It was horrible. It's just far too hot and humid right now to be without it. By the time it was fixed yesterday, it was nearly 90 degrees in our house. But that's not my vent. My complaint is with a/c repair dude.

Dude comes over, checks out the unit, and tells me the problem is that some sort of critter chewed the wires. He the proceeds to lecture me as I hold my near-two year old on one hip, carefully avoiding my enormous belly. The dog runs circles around us. Dude says,

"You know, you really need to have poison around the perimeter of your yard and in problem areas. In this case, it would have saved you $400."

Seriously, dude? We LIVE here. This is our YARD. Where our dog and kids will play. $400 saved at what cost?

I say, "I was just thinking I'd find something to encase and protect the wires. I'd rather not use poison."

Dude replies, "I guess that would work. But poison is very effective."

I couldn't believe it. Does he go from house to house with this recommendation? Do people listen? I plan to call the company today, now that I've cooled off, both physically and emotionally. Sure, I'm a bit crunchy, and I don't do poison. But this was an asinine suggestion to make to ANYONE, no?