Friday, September 5, 2008

TV Commercials Promoting HFCS

Have you seen these?


I especially like the corn logo at the end. They might as well say, "It's corn. It counts as a vegetable serving."

According to these commercials, HFCS is "fine in moderation." Many things in life are fine in moderation. Problem is, there is nothing moderate about American consumption of HFCS. It's in nearly every commercial product we buy...even a loaf of bread. Go ahead, check your labels. Then look up the dangers of HFCS. I planned to list them, but frankly, I don't have enough time in my day. Folks, HFCS is bad for you. No question about it. Educate yourself, don't let TV do it for you.

A couple closing tidbits.

1. Watch this while you're at it, just for fun.
2. How do you pack a popsicle on a picnic?


the bragg crew said...

Just another reason why we threw out our TV 5 years ago... It is so scary to me how much of an impact stuff like this has on people. I hope people will research this for themselves. Crazy!!

Melissa said...

we've been trying to cut out HFCS... and I think it would be easier to get into Fort Knox sometimes.

BabyVagabond said...

Hi! Found you from the Nest :)

Vegetable serving indeed! I'm going to share that with everyone I tell about these obnoxious commercials.

I have never felt better since I cut almost every gram of that junk out of my life!