Sunday, November 16, 2008


UPDATE #2: More about this on Digg. And a (fairly lame) Response from Motrin!

UPDATE: The Motrin website is down...maintenance or the work of angry moms? I guess we'll see! Can't hide from us it is on youtube. There are lots of of mom response videos too.

Click this link and watch the ad at the corner of the screen. It alternates between two, and while I don't love the one for Children's Motrin, I especially loathe the one about babywearing. This ad is unbelievable offensive.

Babywearing is not a silly fad made to inflict pain and make you "look like an official mom." It has been "in fashion" for centuries. It is not "supposedly a real bonding experience." It IS a bonding experience, especially in the first weeks. And, if you have the right carrier for you, it doesn't hurt a bit. I still wear my nearly 15 month old, and I can go hours with her in my Ergo without being uncomforable.

If you are interested in the benefits of wearing your baby, check out

To share your opinion with Motrin, click "Ask Us" on their site. You can email or request a representative call you.


AmandaHearn said...

I wrote to them. It doesn't really say all that I wanted it to because they have a 500 character limit, I'm not sure the whole thing will even go thought, because it's well over that. Anyhow, I'll be calling tomorrow.


I am writing in regards to the "Motrin Mom-Alogue" ad. I am terribly offended by your references to baby wearing. Calling it "in fashion", "supposedly a real bonding experience", "look like an official mom" and of course the line of "what about me".

First of all, I'm a mother, there is no "me". Second. Baby wearing has the perk of making me "look like a REAL mom"? Does feeding, clothing, bathing my child make me look like a "real" mom? No, it's taking care of them. Baby wearing is no different. I am providing for my child. Finally, the experience of being carried by a parent does provide for bonding. Not "supposedly". I understand that you were trying to stress the pains associated with carrying a baby, but the language in the ad is very offensive to mothers, like myself, who do what we believe is best for our babies, by wearing them.

Anonymous said...

This is what I wrote:

The letter is in regards to your 'Motrin Mom-alog'.
I think it is VERY offensive. Baby-wearing is not just a fad or meant to show that you are a 'real mom'. I'm pretty sure HAVING (yourself or adopting) a baby makes you a 'real mom'. It also DOES help with bonding, not 'supposidly'. Maybe your marketing team should do some research.
By the way.. my back feels MUCH better now that I baby-wear. It's not like I wear her 24/7. It takes strain OFF your back.
I don't know who approved this 'Mom-Alog', but they are making your company sound like a bunch of assuming idiots.

Melissa said...

Idiots. All of them.

I want to thank you for your recent "Motrin Mom-alog" Nice to see you did research on Baby Wearing. Because PROPERLY DONE, the baby's weight is evenly distributed and won't cause pain.
Now those carseats that people feel compelled to shlep their poor kids around so they have no contact with the outside world (I might add VERY "In Fashion" and "Official Mom" looking) well *I* Suppose that might cause some shoulder aches.

Melsie said...

wow, i'm so glad i skipped the motrin yesterday at Target (would have skipped Target if i had known about the stupid Britax stuff) and went with the generic brand of ibuprofen.

wow... just wow... how did they think that was ok? why do they think women wear their babies? to be "cool" and uncomfortable... yea... that's so why you see women on the national geographic channel in the middle of the amazon with babies in slings... *sigh* *eye roll*

thanks for posting this... i had no idea...

Kaleena said...

Thanks for posting this, I had tried to immediatley send them a message on their website but I'm not sure if it had went through or not. I tried again yesterday and then again today. Today I found the apology letter and that they are begining to pull the ads. I'm glad they responded so quickly and that I can feel comfortable buying Motrin again. I was so disappointed to think of all the people who might never try baby wearing becasue of that ad. The company made a mistake and had some poor judgement with that ad. I can relate.