Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why Boycotting BP Stations Isn't the Answer

Due to recent environmental catastrophe that is the Gulf Leak, people everywhere are declaring their disdain for BP. They plan to demonstrate their anger by boycotting BP gas stations. Unfortunately, this will do little to nothing to the petroleum giant. Instead, it causes major damage to small business owners. Most gas stations are independently owned. That small local BP station is someone's livelihood. Furthermore, only some of BP's petroleum is used for gasoline. The majority goes to other petro proucts...the ones that are everywhere in the day to day lives of most people. How many petroleum products have you used today?

-Your shampoo bottle, maybe even the shampoo in it
-Your toothbrush
-Your lotion
-Your make up
-Your lip balm
-Your travel mug
-The peanut butter jar
-The bag you put your sandwich in

and it's only 9am. You haven't even left the house.

Yes, we're angry at BP. We want them to pay, and they are. But the only way to really send the message that we've had enough is to reduce our reliance on petroleum products. The more we use, the more they drill.

It's a tough change. Petro products have infiltrated our lives. Make better choices where you can, and demand alternatives where they don't exist. We live in a capitalist country, right? You are the consumer, the driver. Each time you buy a safer product, you are sending a message to the petroleum industry.


Ma Mama said...

Well said, Renee!

Not There Yet said...

I love this post! Thank you. I have reposted it on my blog - I am from Louisiana and this post is so well written - I just had to share. I hope you dont mind.

Christina said...

Great post!