Monday, March 24, 2008

Grocery Bags

For the longest time, I didn't really think twice about plastic grocery bags. I repurposed a lot of them and recycled what was left. A few months ago, on a Monday, I took all the bags I had to Marlee's former daycare, where they use them to send soiled clothes home. That week, I made two trips to Super T@rget for groceries and miscellaneous other household stuff. On Sunday, the cabinet where I stored bags seemed awfully full. So I counted-41 bags! I didn't even buy that much, but several items were bagged alone and heavy things were double bagged. I decided then and there that I was done with plastic bags. The next day, I bought 16 reusable bags. They're strong, and the "paper bag" shape is easier to pack full of groceries. I also like the long handles which I can sling over my shoulder, making the bags easier to carry. My decision was reinforced that same week when my recycling man saw me outside and told me that he had to pull the bags out of my bin each week because Georgia doesn't recycle them.

Go and get yourself some reusable shopping bags. A popular brand is GreenSak, but I got mine for just 89 cents each at the supermarket. Some stores, like WholeFoods and Trader Joe's, even offer a discount if you bring your own bags. The don't even have to be purchased from that store-- WF still gave me my 5 cents off per bag even though my bags have "Publix" written on them. Keep them in the car so you'll remember to bring them to the store. So far, this has been the hardest part for me. I love that Trader Joe's has a giant banner outside the store that reads, "Don't forget your bags!"

I also decline bags often at the mall. If I have a diaper bag with me or have made one purchase, I just put other things I buy in that bag if possible.

Click here to read more about the cost of free plastic bags.


Kbreints said...

Great idea, I have often thought about this b/c I have SO MANY they are taking over my cupbards and I hate to just toss them without first re-useing them.

Shanda said...

I use the envirosax brand ones they are so cute!! They come in all different styles. I like them because they have a little carrying case that stores 5 rolled up bags so they are easy to tote around. I read a statistic once that said eveny 13 grocery bags made reqiure the oil that would allow a car to drive for a mile. Every litle bit helps:)

Lynn said...

AMEN to nixing the plastic bags! We did this as well and are so happy that we did.
I am a TRADER JOE's FANATIC. Love their bags. I keep one folded up in the basket/storage area of our stroller for those mall trips. No more plastic or paper bags coming home with us from there!
Also, check out the Trader Joe's insulated bags. We use them for 'cold stuff' at the grocery and keep one in the car as well.
I'm bookmarking your blog!