Friday, May 9, 2008

CrunchyClean Detergent

Check out Crunchy Clean Laundry Detergent! It's made from all-natural ingredients by an internet friend of mine. I just did a few test loads, and I was happy with it's performance all-around! I did three loads for the purpose of this review:

Large cold/cold load of clothes: Detergent dissolved easily in cold water

Load of baby clothes: I didn't do any pretreating, and MJ's clothes came completely clean

Load of white dish cloths, kitchen towels, super scrubby wipes, and cloth napkins: This was a true test! I did add my usual kick of oxy clean, but the pair worked together fabulously

All loads came out clean and soft, with a VERY subtle fragrance. I got the lavender scent, but you can chose from several natural essential oil fragrances. Clothes come out smelling clean, not at all "fragrancy." You barely notice the particular scent, which is nice.

Another perk: This detergent is MUCH less expensive than the green grocery store brands.

She also just started making a detergent for can bet I'll be trying that one too!

Support a mom and craftswoman and be kind to the planet...order some CrunchyClean Green Detergent!


Melissa said...

so for those of us with super (Hyper) sensitive skin, would you give it a thumbs up or down.

And by Hyper Sensitive I mean, Baby Detergent causes break outs.

Renee said...

i'm assuming it'd be better than baby detergent, which still contains artificial fragrance and brighteners. she sells a sample size if you want to just try a few loads :) we're also working on an agreement for me to sell it in my "family shop" once the llc is up and running.