Monday, January 19, 2009

Let's Get Personal Part II: The Diva Cup

If you haven't been here for a couple of days, you might want to read the post below first.

Here is a post I wrote for another blog on my experiences with The Diva Cup.

The Diva Cup has changed my life. When I first heard of it 15 years ago, I was immature enough to think it was nasty. Now I wish I'd had it all this time. Seriously, life changing.

When I was first prescribed birth control at 13, it was for relief of cramps, not sex (obviously). At the time, my doctor suggested something called "the Keeper." It was similar to the Diva cup...I think it's Canadian. He explained how cramps are worsened in some women by tampons and pads, which actually contain a chemical that makes you bleed more and cramp more (gross, right?). I was 13. It was nasty. I took the pills. My cramps continued, and I got an Rx for Percocet. I took it four days a month to even deal. Doctors said it would be better after I had a baby.

Flash forward 15 years. I get pregnant. Researching cloth diapers turns up good info on feminine products. Just as bad for you, just as bad for the environment. I take in the information, but don't really think much of it. Have a baby. 4 months later, my period is back, and bad as ever. I call my new midwife, and ask if she can get me and Rx for Percocet. She says, "Have you tried a Diva Cup? It can really help if you have chronic cramping." Seriously? I figure, everything is pointing to the fact that I should try this thing. So I order one.

Now I've had it for two months, and I want to build it a shrine. Not really. But this thing is awesome. On my worst crampy day, I took two Advil and was perfectly fine.

*no more buying tampons
*no more health risks associated with tampons or pads
*only think about it twice a day
*SO comfortable. one day, i completely forgot about it until the next morning!
*better for the environment (had to throw that in there :))
*NO MORE CRAMPS! (Well, almost)

I hate to think that I've been plaguing my body for 15 years with chemicals that had such a terrible effect on me, then masking it with pain killers. Yuck.

There are of course other healty, eco-friendly options, like sea sponges or cloth pads. This is just what's worked best for me.

If you are thinking of trying a Diva Cup, just know that there is a learning curve. Expect to take a few days getting the hang of things. Don't give'll be glad you stuck with it! I ended up having to cut off the stem to make it comfortable for me. Lots of women do this, but try it first to see what works for you.


T.J. and Jen said...

haha! i was right!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I never knew tampons can cause worse cramps. Interesting. I use a Keeper "Moon" cup and looove it! It is also nice not to have to carry around a stash of tampons in your purse.

Roxanne said...

Thanks for your info on this. In my search for "safer" tampons etc I have come across this diva cup but never knew what it really was. I may check it out!

Charndra at Part Time Diaper Free! said...

I have a DIVA cup - I LOVE IT!

It is AWESOME, feels so much more hygienic, and of course, less waste is great enviro-karma!

I hope your post encourages a few converts - I'll never buy disposable feminine products again.

mommythemaid said...

I am scared of the diva cup. I have a tilted cervix which made the one time I wore a tampon a nightmare. I have developed a strange allergy lately and something in disposable pads seems to cause it. (as well as band-aids, elastin, and paper wristbands) I found your blog looking for cloth pad advice and tutorials. I know this post is older, but would you happen to have any info on titled cervix and how they do with the diva?