Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Trip to Target

Target has that cool annual home decor section that takes up the space between christmas and summer.  They have several great eco-friendly things--like organic bamboo sheets and sustainably harvested wood accents.  They even had a few organic toys at the end of one aisle.

When I was checking out, I experienced a plastic bags for four people!  The first lady asked for all of her things to be stacked in a single paper bag, the second had only one item and said she didn't need one, i had my own, and the guy behind me loaded his canvas bags onto the belt before his loot.  It was so great!  On the downside, when lady #2 said she didn't need a bag, the cashier pulled her single item out, handed it to her, and threw the bag in the trash.  Sheesh.  I came thisclose to saying something.