Thursday, February 18, 2010

Disposable Diapers Suck.

When I first wrote about cloth diapering, I mentioned these benefits:

5. Better for snugglin': They're soft, comfy, and super cute
4. Better for the wallet: $250 for multiple kids v. over $1500 for one kid in 'sposies
3. Better for the Earth: fewer diapers in landfills, eco-friendly production
2. Better for the bum: No Leaks, No Rash
1. Better for her health: No harmful chemicals against my baby's tush!

I feel like I might not have emphasized that "no leaks" part enough. Most parents of tiny ones will tell you that newborn poop has a way of escaping the diaper. This is simply not the case with cloth. I have had to change Sweet E's clothes due to a diaper leak four times in her whole five months. Guess what? Three times were in the last six days, when she was in disposables while we were out of town. The other was when she was in a 'sposie in the hospital with flu.

Not a coincidence, folks. Any cloth-diapering mama will tell you the same thing.

I'm so glad to be home to my diapers!


Lindsay said...

I agree! Cloth contains Noah's poops like nobody's business!

Amy said...

I agree too, making the change to cloth was the best thing we ever did!