Friday, February 5, 2010

You Are What You Eat

I've been paying very close attention to the things that I eat. Until now, I'd been very selective about what I feed my toddler, but not nearly so choosy for myself. I decided that needed to change. I stared by refusing to buy things that had ingredients I wouldn't find in my kitchen (monoglycerides, anyone?). But then, If what I'm getting has such simple ingredients, why not just make it myself?

This has led me to a new post idea, "The Replacements." I'll take an item I used to buy and find a healthier, greener replacement. Most of the time, it will be a recipe, but I'll occasionally replace with a store-bought product. I'm all about the homemade...

1. It's healthier (I control what goes in)
2. It's greener (Again, control of ingredients, less packaging, manufacturing, shipping)
3. It's cheaper (Budgets are tight these days!)

...BUT, there are times when it's just not practical. Pasta is the first example that comes to mind. I love the idea of making my own pasta. I dream of seeing oodles of noodles piling up on my counter as I turn the crank on a gorgeous stainless steel gadget. Then I wake up. I'm not sure how I'll fit in a shower today. Fresh pasta isn't gonna happen, ya know?

So I need your input. What store-bought item can you not live without, even though you know it's not the best choice?


Anonymous said...

oh i love this post! i live it lol!
i have to say tomato sauce- i hate using cans becuz of the bpa in the cans but i can't seem to get much of a garden growing AND it costs too much to buy enough tomatos to make it myself. so.......
hey i have agiveaway ending tomorrow nite for all natural coconut peanut butter, read my post and enter if you like.
glad i found your blog :)

kbreints said...

I would love to make hoemade tomato sauce... I have friends that commit a day a month to making it and jarring it... but I have to say it would not save me money and certainly not time... Pasta is huge in out house.... so if you ever figure out how to make it and fit in that shower - (ship it to me) LOL!

Amy said...

I've been slowly making the change from packaged foods to homemade, and I have to say that pasta and tomato sauce are the two things that I still buy just because with two kids...there is not enough time for homemade pasta or sauce. Though I do like the idea of setting aside a day once a month to do it...great idea!