Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I Miss You.

Way more than you miss me. Really. While hackers, babies, and life have gotten in the way of my blogging, I've honestly fallen off the wagon a bit when it comes to lifestyle. Something about this blog held me accountable. How could I make suggestions I don't live by? I miss blogging, this is true, but even more, I miss SNM. Her. Me. I usually don't make much in the way of resolutions. I simply like to view January 1 as a fresh start. A realignment of sorts. Time to stop putting off, brushing off, slacking off. Time to remind myself who I want to be and take steps to become that person. So, I'm back. I'm not going to resolve to post with any certain schedule or number of posts, but I will post. Because I enjoy it. And what it makes me :)


Jana Burrow said...

You have been missed!!!

Lisa said...

I think blogging is so organic. It needs to be able to grow and change and take breaks. That is part of authentic expression! For you, it sounds as if blogging was a tool to help you live more intentionally, more in line with what you really value, which is awesome. I think it is that for me, too. If it is what you really want, I wish you all the best with blogging in 2011.