Saturday, June 21, 2008

CFL Legislation

This video recently sparked a debate in my family. Watch it and share your thoughts. I'm saving mine for a while to force some of you to de-lurk and speak (comment) :)


Jenn & Brandon said...

Does anyone find it odd that no one in Congress is bemoaning the legislated loss of analog TV, but take away incandescent light bulbs and all proverbial hell breaks loose?

Keri said...

Renee, I am eager to hear your thoughts on this. That was quite an interesting take. My box of bulbs says nothing about radio interference. I did not realize that they were all made in China. That is very disconcerting to me.

I think the fact that he used Edison making them was interesting because you dont here people complaining about using telephones as compared to morse code due to the history of morse code.

I also worry about the mercury content in these bulbs because I can guarantee that not every american is going to dispose of these bulbs properly. Are LEDs a better option?

Hmm.. That is a thinker, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Keri said...

oops my box does say that it could cause radio interference. Sorry I should have read it more thoroughly. What is it about them that caused radio interference? I have never had a problem with them and my house is about 90% CFL bulbs.

oh, I am KRONK by the way :)