Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just When You Thought Disposable Diapers Couldn't Get Nastier

Check out this new one from Pampers.

These totally gross me out.


Anonymous said...

Personally, I wouldn't use that product because it does seem unsanitary to go for a period of time without changing the diaper. I realize the insert gets changed, and there may or may not be a layer between insert and skin...but what about the rest of the diaper that doesn't get removed? It's just holding sweat against baby's skin for a long time. Actually removing a diaper let some air in, which is a good thing.

I haven't used CDs yet, but at least with a CD you are removing the entire diaper to change the have the chance to let baby air out and wipe if necessary. Also, if the baby pees doesn't its 'parts' still need to be wiped?

I think the one positive is that if someone is going to use disposable diapers, at least the inserts cause less waste than an entire new disposable...but I don't think the less-waste benefit outweighs the sanitation cost.

Jon and Melissa said...

it is like a cloth dipe. But disposable. Weird!

Renee said...

...except your kid sits in some pee that has turned from sterile to ammonia (up to 12 hours at their recommendation!!) while the majority of the pee is absorbed in a packet of some nasty chemical gel.

i dunno...maybe i'm off base. i think it's gross. i'd rather my kid have a clean, dry diaper.

if you use cloth, you change the diaper and just replace the cover, so everything that touches skin is fresh with each change. these things would be like the equivalent of taking off a pocket diaper, putting a new insert in, and putting the diaper back on your child...gross!

or a comparison for those that don't cloth diaper: lets say you have on some underwear and sweatpants and you pee yourself. it goes right through the undies and soaks the sweats, which absorb the pee, right? okay, now you can have new sweats, but you can't change your underwear.

Renee said...

by they way, i'm not suggesting my readers have incontinence problems, just a hypothetical :)

Jon and Melissa said...

ok, now I get. GROSS!!

charlie&gracie said...

okay, so forget the whole grossness factor for just a second.... let's talk about the average 18 month old, standing still long enough for you to pull one insert and and then insert another one with out it getting all squished up somewhere in the diaper... yeah, I can almost see that happening!

no thanks, I will stick with cloth!