Saturday, June 21, 2008

Solar Panel Rentals

Check out Renu, by the Citizenre Corp. It's a solar panel system for lease. Basically, an engineer comes out, and, if your house is compatible, draws up your plans and tells you your monthly rent (starts at $100). If you agree, you pay a $500 security deposit. They come out and install your panels for you and handle any maintenance as long as you have them. If you move, they move them to the new place, or you can transfer the lease to the new owners. Worst case, if you break the lease, you're out that $500 deposit. Otherwise, you get it back at the end of the lease term which is 1, 5, or 25 years- your choice. Your rental fee is locked in for term of your lease.

We've signed up for a consultation...I'll keep you all posted throughout the process.


Anonymous said...

If you go with Citizenre you are likely in for a long wait. They say they will be building their own solar panels, but don't yet have a factory. Consider taking advantage of any of your state incentives and tax credits and the federal tax credit, and buy your own system from qualified installer in your area (go to


Frank said...

Glad you found Citizenre. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.
Phone: (360) 853-7094

Anonymous said...

When will the Citizenre factory begin PV panel production?

Renee said...

Thanks Frank!

The way I understand it, installs will begin late 2008/ early 2009.

Anonymous said...

"The way I understand it, installs will begin late 2008/ early 2009."

If that's the case, Citizenre must be using panels manufactured by other companies.

empowured said...

Howdy Super (Natural) Momma,

I am another blogger out there. Nice blog you have here. I, like Frank am an Ecopreneur with Citizenre. Happy to answer any questions you or anyone may have.

One short note about your post... not sure where you got the $100 minimum rental payment but that is not the case... it very well be less. The minimum REnU size is a 2kwh system and the monthly rental rate is based upon your current utility rate. That is where the money savings also happens... since we are currently locking in 2005 electric rates. So if your electric rates have gone up since 2005 you will see an automatic savings when your panels go up.
Bottom line.... you will most likely pay less than you are currently paying for your electric... with no up-fronts costs.

The pilot project of 1000 homes will start later this year and the main thrust of installs will be about a year to a year and a half away.

Hope this helped.


Anonymous said...

I bet you still havent seen an install from Citizenre. Boy what a scam. They were trying to get me to sign up two years ago. It will just be a few months they said. I am so glad I didnt put down my deposit.

Bruce said...

For the record. Citizenre does not ask for any money until after the site visit. The site visit will not happen until that region of the US is ready for development and solar panels are in hand, ready for installation. No scam, to hype, no risk.

The only downside to this is patience. They may take some time (years) to reach all areas of the US.
I highly recommend folks do whatever they can to get solar and wind installed on their home.... NOW!
If the advantages of a rental system make more sense then reserve a system, lock in your rate and get in the front of the line right away.If the numbers make sense to you to own your renewable energy system do it NOW.

They only ask for sincere folks that want to upgrade their home to clean solar power. The forward rental agreement that is singed can be cancelled at any time with no financial obligations.
No money is asked for, no hype, no risk.

Hope this helped.