Friday, March 19, 2010

It's Consignment Sale Season!

There are so many things I love about spring, and a good consignment sale is one of them!

Today I scored:

6 dresses (three with matching tights or leggings)
1 skirt
2 sets of jammies
1 shirt
1 pair of shoes
1 pillow case dress made from a vintage hand-embroidered, hand-tatted case
5 wooden puzzles
1 toddler computer game
2 art smocks

...all for around $60.

Everyone knows consignment shopping is cheap, and most know that it's a great way to reduce waste, but did you know that previously-loved clothing is safer? Yep. We can't all buy organic handmade clothing all of the time. But commercial clothing made in China (or wherever) has lower levels of toxic chemicals after it's had years to off-gas.

So search the local paper for a sale near you, load up the reusable bags, and shop shop shop! Your wallet (and therefore your husband), your kids, and the earth will be glad you did.


Jackie said...

I'm going to my first consignment sale today, I'm so excited! My daughter needs some new clothes!!