Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spread the Word, Get a Gift!

I have a Flip and Tumble bag for you! Yes, you! Want it? Here's how.

1. Tell your friends about SNM.
2. Ask them to follow the blog (and become a facebook fan if they're on FB!).
3. When you've recruited 5 followers, post here and let me know who they are.
4. First 5 posters will get a Flip and Tumble bag! Don't forget to leave me your contact email!
6. I'll also draw from the pool of new followers and give out two more bags!

Why am I so desperate for followers?

A bigger fan base= More giveaway opportunities! Come on, Share the Love!


Ben's Mommy said...

Alrighty, I think I got you 5!

~Jennifer from Once Upon A Baby :)
strawberrytwirl at hotmail dot com