Monday, March 15, 2010

A Quicky Update of the List Variety

I have so many posts in the works right now, but I thought I'd let you know what's going on in the life of SNM these days. Details, pictures, and fun to come :)

- I got my deep freezer! Woohoo, Yippee, and Yay! Well, I don't HAVE it yet, but it's waiting for me to pick it up.
- We've had some days warm enough to hang laundry. I'm planning a new clothesline so I can hang more.
- Easter baskets for MJ and E are almost complete...and not a corn syrup-y chick or strand of plastic grass in sight. Wait 'til you see the delightful goodies.
- My dear grandmother passed away last month. I got so many wonderful handmade and vintagey things from her home to remember her by. This has inspired a bit of a dining room make-over, in eco-friendly fashion, of course.
- MJ and I picked out some bulk wildflower seeds to fill our yard with local color. Can't wait to plant!
- Along those lines, I'm planning out my first real veggie garden.
- I've been baking. Bread. And lots of it.
- Materials are gathered for our hand-made Easter decor. The peanut and I have some serious crafting to do!

The first hints of Spring never fail to bring on a new surge of Green Motivation! I've got a newly renewed passion and desire to be SuperMommy/Domestic Goddess/Eco Warrior. I can do it, right?

Oh! How could I forget!?! SNM blog is getting a MAJOR makeover. It's going to take a few weeks, but I'm super-stoked :)


Big Mama said...

you can do it mama! you inspire me!