Monday, December 29, 2008

Cold and Flu Season

I'm happy to say that so far my family has survived flu season without incident (knock wood). An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure...Here's what's been keeping us healthy:

- Herbal supplements - echinacea, elderberry and other immune-boosters

- Lots of handwashing

- Cleaning and disinfecting with my usual vinegar and TTO

We've all had a bit of minor congestion, but we're taking it in stride. We haven't yet reached for the medicine yet. Instead, we're treating the symptoms with these natural remedies:

- Essential oils. A blend of eucalyptus and other soothing oils with water sprayed on pillows aids nighttime breathing when congestion is at its worst. I put some full-strength oil on a cloth and hang it in MJ's crib. The same oil blend is fabulous in a bath or shower.

- The Neti Pot. The ancient remedy really works! You use it to pour saline into one nostril and it comes out the other...bringing out all kinds of nastiness. Gross? Yes. Effective? You bet.

- Garlic oil. When congestion leads to earache, garlic oil to the rescue! It will even stop an infection before you call the doc for antibiotics.

- Hankies. Skip the paper tissues for a more eco-friendly version. They're so much gentler on your nose too! I've got a fun handkerchief DIY project coming up...stay tuned :)


the bragg crew said...

We LOVE echinacea at our house! The stuff works wonders. :) One question though - how do you give echinacea to MJ? I've wanted to give some to Rosemary to help her avoid the sniffles, but it tastes so awful that I've been hesitant to give it to her. :( Any tips? Thanks!!

Renee said...

i bought liquid echinacea drops and put them in her sippy cup...she doesn't seem to notice :)

MrsEAM said...

Renee - will you post your all-purpose cleaning recipe again? Thanks!