Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I'm working on a list of resolutions for the new year.  Many of them concern kicking my eco-awareness up a notch.  What sort of things are on your list?

(If it's not on there already, keeping up with Super(Natural)Momma and leaving lots of comments should be :))


T.J. and Jen said...

Next year I'm hoping to:

- cloth diaper exclusively
- continue reducing paper towel usage by using cloth instead
- switch to washable makeup remover pads
- switch to all natural cleaning supplies as our chemicals are used up
- compost if we move to a house
- garden if we move to a house
- eat more locally and organically

Melissa said...

-Find a spray bottle since my old trusty one was lost in the move. I need my water-vinegar cleaner! I've been to 3 stores looking for one. and NADA.

-Shop at the Farmer's Market when it opens in April or May.

-Expand my grocery list of unprocessed foods. I want at least one trip a month to be along the outside edges of the store.

- Cheap/outdoor entertainment when it finally warms up