Monday, December 15, 2008

Lush Drops SLS and Plans to Open Store Near Me!

Lush Cosmetics recently announced that their popular soaps and shampoos will no longer contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, or SLS. SLS is a synthetic surfacant that breaks surface tension and allows water to mix with oils, which makes soaps and shampoos foam. Though suspicions linking SLS to cancer have been disproven for now, we do know that it can cause serious eye problems and skin irritation. Traces have even been found to build up in our organs.

Losing the SLS makes Lush fantastic, healthy, ec0-friendly products. They use natural ingredients and minimal packaging.

I'll be stopping by the new store opening in a mall near me to pick up a shampoo bar, which I'll definitely review here. Each shampoo bar saves 3 standard size shampoo bottles!

Well done, Lush.


Kaleena said...

Oh that's super exciting. My husband is allergic to SLS. It used to be so hard to find things like toothpaste without SLS. But once he gave it up he went from having 3-6 canker sores a month to having one every 3-6 months.
I often wonder if he needed to go on acutane as a teen or if cuttign out SLS would have cleared up his skin.