Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Green (Literally!) Air Purification

A website dedicated to reviewing air purifiers (you know, those expensive, ugly, power-hungry appliances) recently combined results from four studies (NASA and Wolverton) to determine the best houseplants for removing toxins from your home. Turns out, a small plant (6") per 100 square feet of your home can significantly lower the amounts of these common household toxins:

-carbon monoxide
-nitrogen dioxide

Here are the leafy super-cleaners, starting with strongest purification power:

1. Areca Palm

2. Lady Palm

3. Bamboo Palm

4. Rubber Plant

5. Janet Craig Dracaena

6. English Ivy **potentially poisonous if ingested**

7. Dwarf Date Palm

8. Ficus

9. Boston Fern

10. Peace Lily **potentially poisonous if ingested**

11. Aloe Vera **potentially poisonous if ingested**

12. Spider Plants

13. Chrysanthemum **potentially poisonous if ingested**

14. Heart-Leaf Philodendron **potentially poisonous if ingested**

15. Mother-in-Law Tongue/Snake Plant

One trip to Ikea and just $75 later, my house has it first round of air purifiers--in cute pots of course! The plants were much more affordable than those at the home improvement store. Ikea also has a wide variety of decorative pots. I chose simple neutral ones because I wasn't sure for which room each plant was destined. :)

A few of our new leafy friends

I still need to add more to get to that 6"/100sq ft sweet spot, but I'm happy to be on my way. I'm also pleased with the element the plants bring to my decor!

[My apologies for leaving out the link to my source...fixed!]


Jen said...

Is the 6" refering to the height of the plant or the size of the pot?