Thursday, April 3, 2008

Buy In Bulk and Get Friendly with the Freezer

Buying in bulk reduces the amount of packaging that ends up in your trash. I've noticed it most with meats...those little styrofoam trays add up. I try to buy things like chicken breasts and ground beef in large packages, then divide into portions (1 lb, 2 breasts, etc) and freeze. I also try to steer clear of the pre-prepped produce. I can shuck my own corn and save about $2 and a bunch of packaging. Same thing goes for the chopped onions, peppers, etc. It's convenient, but you pay such a premium and end up with a plastic container. Instead, spend 30 minutes when you get home from the market and chop your veggies. Again, freeze in quantities you will use. You weren't going to use that whole tub of chopped onions before they went bad they're frozen at the peak of freshness. Speaking of things going to waste, think of everything you buy that goes bad before you finish it, leading you to toss one container and buy another. For me, it was hamburger buns and chicken broth. Now I freeze the buns in a gallon-size bag so I can pull them out two at a time. Chicken broth: Freeze 1/2 portions in a muffin tin (I have a silicone one), pop them out, and toss in a bag.

See, I've saved you money and time with this eco-tip! :)


CandiceM said...

great idea!! I'm so bad about letting bread mold!! I'll have to try that!