Monday, April 7, 2008

Light the Way

Aveda's Organic Lavender Candle

Eco-conscious cosmetics giant Aveda is tying the sales of its Earth Day-inspired "Light the Way" organic Bulgarian lavender soy candle to a truly illuminating cause: clean water for all global citizens. Inspired by the almost unfathomable fact that 6,000 people die per day from drinking water contaminated by pesticides and other toxins, Aveda has partnered with the Global Greengrants Fund to ensure that proceeds from their Earth Month efforts go toward innovative water-related projects around the world (including, in full-circle fashion, Bulgaria). Not in the mood to jump on the whole commerce-for-change bandwagon? Simply text the phrase "clean water" to #30644 and Aveda will help tally and present the results to the U.N. to bolster support for its ongoing efforts to safeguard the increasingly endangered 70 percent of the earth's surface.

Click here to buy the candle.


Kbreints said...

Text message sent-- and I think that I may buy the candle too! Thanks for the tip!