Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Go Green When You Clean II

Chapter II: Disinfecting Cleaning Wipes

Inspired by the fabulous ladies on thenestbaby eco-friendly board, I made some all purpose reusable cleaning wipes. I layered the cloth wipes, folding one over the other so they pop up. I put them in an old wipes box and covered them with this cleaning solution:

2c hot water
1c white vinegar
1T dishsoap
10 drops of tea tree oil
Essential oil (I used lavender, it's my favorite) for fragrance.

Tea tree oil is anti bacterial and anti fungal, so they disinfect as they clean.

For the wipes, I highly recommend these, from Soft and Scrubby on Etsy. I bought them for diapering, and they are fantastic! The "scrubby" side also makes them great for cleaning. The seller is fantastic to work with and even made me a custom order.

I've never really been a wipes person (more of a spray bottle and rag person), but I think I'll keep a box in the bathroom for wiping down countertops, and one in the kitchen for the highchair!


Jenn said...

I use this same combo of ingredients, but without the oils, as a carpet spot cleaner. It works great! And it's cheap, easy to make, and I usually have all ingredients on hand. I just keep some of the solution in a squirt bottle. I have found that it gets out stains better than the commercial carpet cleaners.

Kbreints said...

ok-- love it. I have already bought the wipes.... just as rags to clean with. So cute!

I will be trying the cleaner in a spray bottle!