Thursday, April 24, 2008

Composting Workshop

Michael, MJ, and I went to a composting workshop at Harry's (a local farmers market purchased by Whole Foods) last night. While Michael said it was the most boring thing he's ever had to sit through, I thought it was really interesting. My composting efforts have been off to a very slow start...hopefully I can get things moving.

The speakers were a lady from UGA Co-op and Farmer D. Both had a vast knowledge and good advice. Here are some key points:

- I've decided to go with the chicken wire hoop method. Not attractive, but effective. You don't have to turn it if you...

-Use a drainage pipe with holes standing upright in the middle of your pile to keep air moving. Genius, and only about $5 at Home Depot.

-Keep it at 2 parts brown (dead leaves, etc) to 1 part green (produce scraps). The best pile has alternating layers (water between layers when building)

-Toss produce scraps in the blender first for faster compost. Leaves (esp. oak like ours) must be shredded.

-Don't compost pine mulch or put it around your flowers/trees. It needs to dry out for a year first. It has a high resin content and is acidic. Bummer...after the tornado a couple months ago, there are heaps of pine mulch everywhere around here!

Farmer D is a biodynamic farmer...fascinating stuff. If you live in Georgia, the UGA Cooperative Extension is available for free expert advice and services like soil testing at a nominal fee.


Melissa said...

Well that explains why my compost pile looks like it does. Time for a trip to Depot...