Friday, April 18, 2008

Let's Talk About BPA

[I've had this post in my back pocket for a while, but recent press made me decide to post it now!]

When I was pregnant, there was a lot of buzz circulating about a chemical called BPA (bisphenol A), which is found in many plastics, including baby bottles. When I read up on the stuff, I was immediately concerned. I emailed all my pregnant friends and marched myself right up to BRU to return the bottles I had registered for...they were guilty of containing BPA. I also decided that I would try diligently to limit the contact our food has with plastics. The main concern with BPA is that it can leach into food and drink, especially when heated. That's's found in water bottles, food storage containers, and the lining of cans (including formula cans!). Until recently, the FDA considered BPA safe. In the last week or so, some articles have come out that indicate that our government may finally be making some changes regarding the toxin. Today, Canada officially banned BPA in baby bottles (yay, Canada!).

Here's some reading for you:

Canada Bans BPA in Baby Bottles
April 15: BPA May Be Harmful (Didn't we already know that?)
August 2007: Baby Bargains Book Withdraws Recommendations
March 2007: Harmful BPA in Canned Goods

My Personal Recs:

Pyrex Glassware
Container Store Refrigerator Dishes
Sigg Water Bottles
Thermos Foogo Sippy Cup
Evenflow glass baby bottles

There are BPA-free plastics out there. You can pretty much tell the difference by looking at and touching them. BPA plastics tend to be very clear and brittle. BPA free ones are translucent and softer (the kind that turns pink if you wash it in the diswasher with spaghetti sauce :)). It's not a steadfast rule, but it works pretty well. Honestly, I'm just trying to get rid of plastics in the kitchen all together.

I think this issue should remind us all to be educated consumers. I made the choice to eliminate BPA in my kitchen over a year ago. The issue is just now getting some widespread attention...scary, huh?