Sunday, April 6, 2008

This fantastic website gives links to local groups for FreeCycling, or trading. I have given away an old fridge, an area rug, a kid's bike, some maternity clothes, and a golf bag. I've gotten a trash can for my composting, a patio set, and a flowering anise shrub. The only catch is that you have to offer something before taking something, and you must pick up your treasures.

This is so cool! A box of maternity clothes handed down to me is now going to a teen mom who can't afford any. My nasty old fridge is going to house produce and medicine for a parrot rescue organization. The alternative was paying $40 bucks for the city to pick it up and put it in a junkyard. Great, right?

So clean out your garages, basements and closets...and FreeCycle!


charlie&gracie said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving me a comment at Green Kiddos! I love freecycle! What a great idea! I need to clean out and put some stuff on there! I am adding you to my blogroll, great blog!

jeanie oliver said...

got your site from green kiddos.
I'm adding yours to keep me motivated. I never thought to blog about my green ideas. thanks
Jeanie Oliver